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Roofer Newbridge

Roofing Company Newbridge: Do I need a new roof?

When your home’s roof is coming to the end of its life, it’s important that you replace it before Scotland’s weather breaks through.

At Carnegie Contracts, our roofers specialise in helping clients decide on the right replacement for their existing roof. We also guarantee your new roof will keep your house protected for quite a long time.

Roofer Newbridge

Roofing Company Newbridge: What type of roof do I need?

Carnegie can advise you on the following points below, no matter the size /type of your existing roof may be:

  • Choosing the right slate or tile roof for your house
  • Providing a free no-obligation quotation to perform your replacement works
  • Carrying out the works to the greatest standard and at time that suits you
  • Removing from your property as we found it, and leaving it
  • Offer an insurance backed guarantee on all materials and work undertaken for ten years

In case you have a tile roof or a slate roof, we can help you to choose a new one, which not only delivers its main function but in addition looks they way you imagined it would look.

We can provide and fit a broad selection of tiles or slates from various manufacturers.

Formed in 1997, we’ve got real experience in both slate roof replacement and tile roof replacement. At Carnegie Contracts, we can give you guidance and all the help you require for your new roof.

Roofing Company Newbridge

Roofing Services in Newbridge: What kind of roofing services do I want?

Properties in Newbridge and House’s and other Scottish homes can differ.

We understand that each roof presents a different challenge. From the roof’s pitch to the drainage, we can supply an exact on site inspection along with a realistic quotation for your roof repair or your new roof.

We provide the following roofing services:

1. Roof Tiles
Do your tiles or slates need to do the function of creating a watertight barrier, which keeps your property dry, but they must appear fantastic from instalment, also.

Remember, that picking on even stone roofing, slate or clay tile might be decided by the local planning authority. Your home may have to be in keeping with other properties. They may even need to approve your samples before giving the go ahead.

2. Profile & Finish
At Carnegie Contracts, we think the tile finish is critical to the overall look of your home. In Newbridge, sand-faced tiles are popular. Smooth-faced feature in Newbridge.

Sand-faced finishes create a rustic look but can weather faster. Smooth-faced finishes provide a slippery surface which helps prevent moss from growing and surface run-off.

3. Roof Profiles that are distinct
Roof profiles that are distinct are normal throughout the country. With simple tiles most common. Nevertheless, in some parts of Newbridge, Roman tiles are a standard sight. Whatever kind of tile you select for your house, it’s significant to either stick with plain tiles or a look common to your region.

Roofering Services: What’s My Next Step

Call us on 0141 280 2928 or 0131 510 2622 at Carnegie Contracts now if you’re looking for Roofing Company Newbridge. We can supply an exact on site inspection and a realistic quotation.


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Thank you so much for our lovely driveway and managing to work to our budget
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