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Is a New Roof a Cost-Effective Investment?

A lot of work that we have carried out around our home might not necessarily be a sound financial investment. For a number of reasons, work you carry out could not be reflected in the value of your home.

In this article, we will outline why having your roof redone is a fantastic use of your money and why you can often recoup the majority of it, or even more, when you finally sell your home.

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Why Reroofing is a Sound Investment

Here are three reasons as to why a new roof in your home is one of the surest property investments you can make:

  • Reduced Maintenance and Repair Bills
  • Objectively positive improvement to the home
  • Improved energy efficiency

 Why Reroofing is a Sound Investment

Avoid Damage and Maintenance

Many people underestimate the costs associated with continuing with a dilapidated roof. Having a roof in poor condition opens your home to a number of issues that cause disruption and, ultimately, cost money.

For example, having a roof with loose, slipped, and missing tiles means that water ingress is an absolute certainty. When it rains, water will no longer be guided off the roof and into the gutter system harmlessly. Instead, it will make its way inside the home.

Similarly, gaps in the tiles can lead to entranceways for pests to take advantage of. For example, compromised tiles can easily be pushed aside by a number of pest species in order for them to create an entranceway.

Pigeons present a severe hygiene risk, and they will leave their droppings throughout your loft area. Squirrels, rats, and mice will strip electrical wires and gnaw in wooden support beams. Protect your home from pests by securing your roof.

The ongoing maintenance costs of maintaining a roof that is not fit for purpose is not cost-effective in the long run – replacing the roof entirely with quality Carnegie Contracts work is an investment, but certainly a sound one.

Boost the Value of Your Home

Many improvements that you make to your home will have a surprisingly minimal effect on its value. In many cases, even if a home improvement does increase the sale value of your property, you are only going to gain a fraction of the initial investment back.

Having your roof redone, however, is a different matter. It is an objectively valuable improvement on the home and one that all estate agents will use to sell the house to prospective buyers.

When investing in a quality roof from Carnegie Contracts, you can be sure it is an investment you will have to make once, and one that you will likely see a significant return on.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Having an energy inefficient home will increase our energy bill significantly. Month after month you will be spending extra money to keep your home at the desired temperature because so much heat is finding a way outside of your home.

Because heat rises, having a tight and secure roof is vital in terms of keeping warmth within your home. Without having compact and uniform tiles or slates, there will be countless gaps for heat to escape out of into the environment.

By having your roof redone, you will top off your home with a vital layer of defence and will save you a significant amount of money in your energy by:

  • Allowing you to heat your home more quickly, efficiently, and cheaply
  • Making sure that your home retains the heat for longer

With a quality roof in combination with effective insulation, you will make sure that you get the most out of every penny you spend on heating your home.

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Deciding you want a new roof installed is only half the battle; to secure such a significant investment you need to make sure you are working with the right company.

At Carnegie Contracts, we combine experienced craftsmanship and quality materials to deliver incredible results that are tailored precisely for you.

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