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Protecting Your Home from Pests Through Pest Control

Pests are constantly trying to get inside our homes in order to find food, shelter, and ultimately a place to live. Although it is impossible to guarantee that your house won’t ever have an infestation, you can protect your home significantly by closing up as many gaps and holes as possible.

Your roof is an excellent place to start, as gaps in tiles and roof lining provide an entrance for anything from squirrels and rats, to birds and insects. At Carnegie Contracts, we can offer effective repairs that will make sure they cannot find an easy way in through your roof.

For more information about our roof repair service, give us a call today on 0141 280 2928 for Glasgow or 0131 322 1262 for Edinburgh.

Birds and Loft Spaces

Pigeons are very resourceful nesters and will often use gaps and weaknesses in a roof to get inside to nest in the loft. Once inside, they can spread disease and cause damage through tearing apart insulation for nesting materials.

Pigeons have a keen eye for things like loosened tiles and will use their beaks to pull them even wider open in order to squeeze inside. This will cause even further damage, opening your roof space to weathering effects and other pests.

At Carnegie Contracts, we will make sure that all loosened tiles are secured tightly and each broken tile is replaced to make sure that no birds will be able to nest within your loft.

Squirrels and Rodents

Squirrels, and to a lesser extent, rats and mice, will often use gaps between the tiles in your roofs to get inside your home. Squirrels, like pigeons, will use their claws to pull apart loosened tiles in order to sneak inside.

Squirrels living in your loft can cause an incredible amount of damage. Not only will they tear apart insulation for bedding, but they will also gnaw on wooden objects structures like structural beams. In extreme cases, this can cost hundreds or thousands to repair.

Also, along with mice and rats, squirrels will chew on the rubber coating of electrical wires, stripping them of their insulation. This will not only break the device itself but will often cause house fires as the electrical wires are exposed.

Make sure that squirrels and other rodents cannot enter your home through your roof.

Effective and Affordable Roof Repairs

Pests are just one of the many issues that result from a roof riddled with gaps and holes. Making sure that animals like birds and squirrels will have an incredibly difficult time getting inside will make sure your home remains protected from unwanted guests in your attic or loft space.

Over time, wind, heavy rain, and snow will have an effect on our roof regardless of how robust it is. Roof maintenance will not only help to protect your home from damage, but it will also help to increase its lifespan, make sure that your investment is as cost-effective as possible.

However, it is vital that you use a company that you can trust. It is unlikely you will be able to see any work carried out in detail due to the fact you cannot gain access to your roof, so you need to make sure you employ a company with a reputation for quality work.

At Carnegie Contracts, we take great pride in going the extra mile for our customers. We rely on our reputation and use our experience and training to make sure we secure your investment through effective and lasting work, not just temporary fixes.

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