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The Benefits of Slate Roofing

One of the most important decisions you have to make when having your roof redone is what materials should be used. Although many people would prefer slate, they are tempted by the affordability of tiles

In this blog, however, we will explain why slate is the superior option and an incredibly sound investment.

Having a roof re-slated is a significant project, and it is vital that you choose a reputable company that you can trust. For a free consultation, give Carnegie Contracts a call today on 0141 280 2928.

Three Main Benefits of Slate

There are many reasons as to why slate is the most superior roofing material in the vast majority of situations, but the three main benefits are that it boasts:

  • Unrivalled durability
  • A unique and traditional aesthetic
  • The potential to significant value to your home.

Three Main Benefits of Slate

The Durability of Slate

Although modern materials have revolutionised many types of construction, traditional quality slate remains the most durable material available for roofing. While there are cheaper and fairly robust materials available, they might need to be replaced within your lifetime.

Although the time that slate roofing will last depends on a number of factors, when installed correctly quality slate  can last upwards of a century with only a little maintenance.

For example, slate is almost entirely resistant to harsh temperature changes. While other materials might crack if they heat up or cool down too quickly, slate will remain fully intact. This is especially true in the UK, where temperatures can rise or fall to extreme levels.

The Traditional Appearance of Slate

For about 700 years slate has been used on buildings throughout the UK. Despite the introduction of new materials with very diverse and flexible appearances, anything used to replace slates on period buildings does not look quite right – often it looks jarringly out of place.

For many people with homes from the early twentieth century and even older, slate is an absolute requirement if you want to maintain the traditional and attractive aesthetics of the home. Although concrete tiles and other artificial materials might imitate slate, they will never achieve the same look.

This is because each slate tile is unique and tells its own story due to the way it is mined. Although slates when combined on a roof look uniform, they each have their own patterns and markings which provide a look which cannot be imitated by artificial means.

Despite the slightly increased costs of traditional slates, there is no adequate replacement if you want to maintain the original and classic appearance of a period home.

Increase the Value of Your Home

There are only a few ways to guarantee a boost in the market value of your property. After all, most aesthetic choices you make will be subjective; some potential buyers will like it, and others will not.

A newly installed slate roof, however, is another matter entirely. It is a sound investment that will increase the structural integrity of the home while reducing the chance of leaks and general water ingress to near zero.

If a home is sold just years after having the roof newly slated then you will receive a significant amount of your investment back, and there is every chance that you might well see a profit.

After all, many structural aspects of the home will go unnoticed to potential buyers. The roof, however, may well be the first section of the property that any visitors notice.

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As mentioned, having your roof entirely redone is a significant investment and it is important that you spend your money wisely. At Carnegie Contracts we take great pride in our commitment to standards of perfection.

Our roofing teams have a wealth of experience and are trained professional slaters to the highest degree. Using only the finest materials available on the market we will ensure that your new roof meets its full potential when it comes to durability and lifespan.

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