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The Quality of Cupa Slate

Not all slates are created equal. Although it is a natural mineral, its look, durability, and general quality vary dramatically depending on where the slate is sourced.

At Carnegie Contracts, we use only the finest Cupa slates which, among other things, come with a one-hundred-year warranty.

In this blog post, we will outline precisely why Cupa slates are so important, as well as why our unrivalled roofing service allows them to meet their full potential.

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Why Cupa Slate is Superior

As mentioned, slate comes in a lot of different forms. Although as a material it has gained a reputation for its durability and sound investment, this depends entirely on where the product has been sourced.

Why Cupa Slate is Superior

Some slate sourced from Britain, Europe, and especially further afield will crumble very quickly after being installed on your roof. What was supposed to be an investment for the future can soon start to disappear as slates begin to crumble and slip.

At Carnegie Contracts, however, we use Cupa slates exclusively. This building material is the finest example of slate available and can last well over a century when installed correctly. As a result, because of this all of our slate roofs come with a guarantee that our work will remain for one hundred years.

The Importance of Copper Nails

Often when a slate roof begins to fail and requires maintenance, the slate tiles are not the problem. Even quality slate can slip and fall away from the roof if the wrong materials have been utilised and nail sick has set in.

Nail sick is what we call metal nails which are starting to fail. Poor materials can suffer this problem very quickly due to the intense weathering effects they will need to resist.

At Carnegie Contracts, we utilise copper nails in order to overcome this effect. They overcome a number of issues which the more commonly used galvanised steel nails suffer from:

  • Water will have a severe impact on steel, and the wind can easily dislodge weakened nails. Copper nails, however, are much more resistant to weathering effects.
  • Pollution can quickly reduce the lifespan of galvanised steel nails, while copper is unaffected.
  • Galvanised nails can lose their protective layer when being hammered into the slates while copper doesn’t require any coating.
  • Galvanised steel can be very difficult to pull out when trying to replace a tile. Copper nails, however, are much easier to work with making maintenance much more manageable.
  • Steel nails can corrode through rust quite quickly. While copper will develop a ‘patina’ (the green coating on exposed copper), they are much more resistant to corrosion.

To summarise, copper nails are significantly more durable, and their expected lifespan is substantially longer.

The Importance of Copper Nails

Investing in quality slates is an incredibly good investment which you will likely never need to make again. However, if the nails used to attach them are substandard, then they will be compromised and fail to reach their full potential.

Our Company

At Carnegie contracts, we do not only use the finest materials to ensure that your roof will stand the test of time, but also use our experience and training to carry out our work to industry-leading standards.

Just as quality tiles can be ruined by the wrong nails, an entire roofing project can become a nightmare without solid craftsmanship.

We take great pride in our work and have built a reputation for reliable work that gives us the confidence to offer century-long guarantees to back it up.

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