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Tile Roofing

At Carnegie Contracts, Roofers Glasgow & Edinburgh, we undertake all types of roofing services and have trade access to all the major manufacturers in the UK.

Tile Roofing

Our tile roofing team take pride in their work.

Tile Roofing: We Stock The Right Tile For Your Property

You can choose from our extensive selection of tiles. We offer a broad spectrum of coverings, from concrete tiling to natural clay.

We believe in always giving professional and helpful advice in choosing the right tile for your property.

Remember: your house’s style will reflect the particular period it was built. And your style may be legislative. Living in a preservation area in Glasgow or Edinburgh restricts the materials are allowed to use. Or you made need to use tiles that are in keeping with the character of your building, whether it be traditional or modern.

The First Step – Survey & Quote

The tile roofing with Carnegie Contracts, Roofers Glasgow & Roofers Edinburgh, starts with an initial free roof assessment using our drone camera.

Using a drone allows us to get up and around your roof with ease. Showing us every area that requires particular attention.

It is amazing how often we make assumptions regarding the condition of a roof. But once the camera is up above, you can see areas that cause concern. The Scottish weather can cause damage to a roof face that gets whipped by the westerly winds. Persistent rains can also create gullies, which have collected water creating issues over the years.

We prepare a full report on the condition of your roof, and any underlying problems can be discussed to ensure that the job we suggest is the job you expect.

We price the job with precision and speed. We believe that you should know the cost as soon as possible.

The Next Stage – Stripping The Roof

Once we have agreed on a price and a timeframe for your project we would start the process of getting all the elements together to get the job running.

The first thing you will see is the scaffolding. And this is a speedy process, taking no longer than two days. Scaffolding allows the roofing team to work on the property safely and quickly.

Next, the tile roofing team arrive on site with a skip. Then the team begin the process of stripping the old roof to allow, which allows the roofers into the wood underneath to assess its state.

As you know, we live in a country with questionable weather, so we try to keep as much of the roof covered at any time as possible.

Once we have assessed the wood beneath, we replace or treat where needed. It’s important that the wood lasts as long as your new tiles.

If required, we can replace the plastics around the windows or dormers, as well. But, if you don’t need any replacement, we are happy to clean it up, as it makes such a difference to the look of a job.

Where we differ from other roofing companies is that we continually clean up as we go.

We know most families have children, visitors and animals, and the last thing you want is a mess and dangerous sharp materials lying around for too long. That’s why every night before we finish, we clean the area to ensure nothing too harmful is lying around.

The Next Stage – Adding Your New Roof

The leading around the windows and dormers and the ridge tiles are all replaced when re-roofing with tiles, which makes your property look stunning.

The difference new tile roofing makes to any property is amazing and can add value to your home. All our roof work is Insurance backed for ten years giving you complete peace of mind that should you need that fallback; it is there for you.

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Our experienced, time-served roofers work to the highest standard and are customer focused at all times. So, if you’re interested in tile roofing, call us at Carnegie Contracts, Roofers Glasgow & Roofers Edinburgh on 0141 280 2928 or 0131 510 2622 now. We can provide an accurate on-site inspection and a realistic quotation.

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